Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers 2, a stunning example of how to NOT do a sequel.

I had the the misfortune to see Michael Bay's terrible excuse for a sequel "Transformers 2". If you one of these people who have been on Twitter spouting off
"Transformers 2 waz teh awesomeest" then this isn't for you as you don't care about quality in your cinema anyway.

There was no excuse for the movie to be this bad. The story was absolutely terrible, the was little to no character development, and the whole thing was overly long. The writing was aimed at the lowest common denominator and the effects, while very good in some instances, were so poorly framed that you couldn't identify what you were looking at. For 300 million dollars you think that a studio or Steven Spielberg would have looked this thing over before it released, and if they did the shame on them for such a horribly constructed piece of crap. I know it's making tons of bank right now and really that just shows truly how low the standards of the viewing audience are these days.