Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is getting really old.

Today was gonna be great, I had fully intended to get out and wash and clean out my car. Maybe get out after that and take some photos around town, just really unwind. The boy got to go to his grandparents so that meant I could probably even do a little painting on my miniatures or play a non-kid friendly videogame or hell, read a book in peace. I drag my butt out of bed, make my way to the living room window throw open the curtains and...SNOW! F@CKING SNOW! Again. You could have sworn that someone was belting out the black speech of Mordor in my apartment such was the resulting deluge of profanity. I have slipped into a drinkin funk since then. My whole day dashed on the rocks. Yes it's silly, I know I could have just got on with the day but it's the principal of the thing. It seems that every time I try to plan something of late has complete fallen through. I'd plan a vacation but it would probably just fall apart too. Yeah I'm being pathetic. Bugger off if you don't like it.

Oh and Al Gore. You go to hell.

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  1. I <3 you. And I understand, perhaps more than you realize. You are entitled to your funkalicious mood if you want to be in one. And when you are ready to come out of it and bounce around with me, I'm here.