Thursday, January 22, 2009

My one election blog.

Since it seems to be so popular, I too will write about this momentous occasion. Am I all gushy about America's first black president? No. Should I be? Possibly. I admit that it is,"shudder", historical in scope. Then again isn't every election, for ill or good? I have heard so many media heads yammering on with stars in their eyes about how much this is going to change America for the better I could just about puke blood. I seriously doubt this is going to change any racist's outlook on life, and that goes for racists on both sides of the equation. I could say that the situation in the country is beyond comprehension but it's not. It's simple human nature. We've taken a good step to equalizing things but I don't see any significant change coming over night like all the talking heads keep acting like is going to happen. America's race problems won't be going away, the poor will be poor, the scumbags of the world will still hate us, business as usual.

My God, am I really this cynical these days?


  1. Yes. Yes you are.

    (But you are better than you were a few months back, if that helps any.)

  2. And, I still think you're spiffy - cynical or not! ;D

  3. Thank you my dear, that's nice to hear.