Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Wunderland

Quite the ice storm this year, there was close to 100,000 without power the first 24 hours but the power companies involved busted a hump to get things set right. There are still many areas without power for now, this being the third day in, but the ice has melted for the most part. There were countless trees and limbs down all over town and the surrounding areas. The current estimate from Craighead electric was around 2000 electric poles down this time, the last time was close to 1500 and it took over a week to get power back to some areas so that should give you some idea what we're dealing with here. Sadly there have been 2 fatalities resulting from this, one in Trumann where the town sheriff was hit by a falling tree while he was removing a fallen limb obstructing the street. The other was an elderly man who suffered the same while removing debris from his yard. I'm surprised that the death toll hasn't been higher but am thankful it's not. Not really a lot of traffic accidents either for a change, usually a little snow and ice falls around here and people go spastic and completely forget how to drive. We got lucky this go around, this could have been much worse.


  1. I was sorry to hear about Sheriff Blagg, Brian. I went to school with him. All this does remind me why I moved to the Gulf Coast, though.

  2. It was a pretty messed up thing from what I understand. As to moving to the coast, I'll take my nutty winter stuff over your hurricanes any day.