Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why are all my good thoughts gone by the time I'm here?

I never fails, I come up with some outstanding thing that will illuminate your souls and I shove it to the back with all the other stuff until I get on here and when the time comes I got nothing. One day I know I'm gonna be on here and that cure for cancer and the five step process to bring about peace in the middle east will just spill out in one long painful literary birth. Behold mystery of mysteries! A shining son is born to ease the troubles of man!

Probably not, I get about as far as "you know, Joel's jumpsuit in season 3 of MST3K just look so much more believable than the KTMA days one did." and all hope for humanity is lost. Write it down you say? Never! It all comes out so much more amusing this way, besides a good dose of laughter really would be a better first step than any other plan I could come up with.


  1. I'm the same way. Except I go ahead and say what I'm thinking, regardless. Oh, yeah, and I'm more mean-spirited than you are. Where you believe that I kind word will take you far, I believe that a kind word and judicial application of a baseball bat will take you farther. Outside of those things, we're just alike - except that I would NEVER use the words "buttery slabs of man" on your blog, you bastard.

  2. Woaf: You are putting too much pressure on yourself. When it's time, you'll write the most eloquent, mind-blowing stuff ever. And I'll be here all ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it. Really. I have that much faith in you.

    Nick: I freakin' love you!!!! I feel that I am heading more and more over to the "judicial application of a baseball bat" side of life than the "aw, look - a fluffy bunny" side of life. Dear God, help us all.